2016 Qualifying

2016 Qualifying

Classes held on Friday and Saturday are open to any exhibitor with no qualifying criteria.

If you are unclear about eligibility in any class or division please call the horse show manager Ellen Shevella (434) 242 -8937 or theodhs@gmail.com

Click to download the 2016 Qualifying PDF.

Sunday Championship Classes

  • Riders to have won one blue equitation ribbon at any USEF rated or unrated, IHSA, IEA, NCEA, NCAA, national, regional or local competition or other scholastic organization at the respective fence heights in USEF Zones 2 or 3 (NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, or NC) between 8/1/15 and 10/30/16. There are four championship classes offered : Adult (18 years of age and over), Young Rider (Under 18 years of age), Intermediate, and Novice.
  • Entry is not restricted by state of residence
  • Intermediate riders not to have won more than 10 blue equitation ribbons and Novice riders not to have won more than 8 blue equitation ribbons in any USEF horse show
  • First, second, and third place ribbons won in any classes on Friday and Saturday also qualify
  • Entries for Championship classes close at noon on Saturday, 11/12/16
  • Open to horses and ponies. Courses will be set on traditional horse strides and distances

Open to exhibitors competing in and completing a course in over fences classes on Friday and/or Saturday (warm-up and Team class excluded). Exhibitors may only enter one Sunday Championship class and must compete at the same fence height shown in Friday and/or Saturday

INELIGIBLE TO COMPETE: Top 10 ribbon winners of the 2016 USEF Medal, Maclay, USEF Talent Search, WIHS Finals (horse), and G.H. Morris Excellence in Equitation. Riders who currently compete as Adults who did place in the top 10 of the above classes, a minimum of 5 years prior, are eligible to compete

Previous MAEF Young Rider Championship winners are ineligible to compete in the Young Rider Championship

Previous Adult, Intermediate, and Novice Championship winners are eligible to compete in their respective Championship class until winning the Championship class three times in a row

Class Procedure

Competitors will be required to perform over approximately 10-12 fences. Fence heights : Adults 2’9” – 3’, Young Riders 3’ – 3’3”, Intermediate 2’9”, Novice 2’6”

Adult and Young Rider courses WILL include combinations, Intermediate and Novice courses WILL NOT include combinations. Approximately 10 of the top scoring riders will return for a second round. Further testing at judges’ discretion. Adults and Young Riders USEF Tests 1-19, Intermediate and Novice USEF Tests 1-13. Drawn order of go. The class will be pinned in the ring and competitors must ride for ribbons and awards. Entry fee $ 150.

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